Saturday, December 29, 2012


That's an old inside joke between cousins.
moving on..

My oldest 'baby' is 12.. TWELVE. Who allowed this? WHO BLINKED?!
I swear, this kid is some kind of amazing.
He plays the trumpet in 6th grade band.
He does his best in school, and does anything to please his teachers.
He is kind to everyone, and prays for those that dislike him.
He has a cool sense of humor.
He loves his dog more than anything.
He loves his Xbox & Wii games.
An all-American kid.
My Jayjub. My JT.
Happy Birthday, baby boy! I hope your $95 dinner, and embarassment at the restaurant was fun for you, as much as it was a blast for us!!

Burfday boy eating his ribs!

Only girl eating HER ribs..

Oh, and here's a video of the embarassment at dinner. heh. We're such cool parents.

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