Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012 ... Home!

"I'll be home for Christmas" had a whole new meaning this year!
We figured we'd go home for the holidays since it'll be a long while before we're home for anything again!

It was a nice visit! We found out that my brother in law & his wife are having their FIRST baby in August! YAYYYY!! And, my brother & his wife are having another wittle bebe boy!! EEEeeee! I am one VERY blessed aunt!
We also got to meet our niece for the first time... she's only 17mo... sheesh. She was a preemie like our own boogers. She is SO cute, and OH, so sweet! I love babies! I love them more so now that I can love 'em up, spoil them rotten, and SEND THEM BACK TO MOMMY & DADDY! woohoo!
that's a pretty cool feeling!

Here are some pics of our trip.. I wishe we had gotten more, but time was limited, and honestly, we just plain forgot..

Schroeder Family Christmas! I'm standing next to the bald boss man wayyyy in the back! 

4 Generations. My grammie, my momma, my Emily, and me.... (fat girrrrrl!)

Santa was good to the kids! As usual!

My monsters with my nephew, Tyson. LOVE that boy! 

They're so cute...

Lastly, but sure not least... a video of my oldest child 'playing' my mother's new digital piano. Super cool piano, btw. 
Tell me that kid isn't some kind of hilarious...?

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