Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012 ... Home!

"I'll be home for Christmas" had a whole new meaning this year!
We figured we'd go home for the holidays since it'll be a long while before we're home for anything again!

It was a nice visit! We found out that my brother in law & his wife are having their FIRST baby in August! YAYYYY!! And, my brother & his wife are having another wittle bebe boy!! EEEeeee! I am one VERY blessed aunt!
We also got to meet our niece for the first time... she's only 17mo... sheesh. She was a preemie like our own boogers. She is SO cute, and OH, so sweet! I love babies! I love them more so now that I can love 'em up, spoil them rotten, and SEND THEM BACK TO MOMMY & DADDY! woohoo!
that's a pretty cool feeling!

Here are some pics of our trip.. I wishe we had gotten more, but time was limited, and honestly, we just plain forgot..

Schroeder Family Christmas! I'm standing next to the bald boss man wayyyy in the back! 

4 Generations. My grammie, my momma, my Emily, and me.... (fat girrrrrl!)

Santa was good to the kids! As usual!

My monsters with my nephew, Tyson. LOVE that boy! 

They're so cute...

Lastly, but sure not least... a video of my oldest child 'playing' my mother's new digital piano. Super cool piano, btw. 
Tell me that kid isn't some kind of hilarious...?

Saturday, December 29, 2012


That's an old inside joke between cousins.
moving on..

My oldest 'baby' is 12.. TWELVE. Who allowed this? WHO BLINKED?!
I swear, this kid is some kind of amazing.
He plays the trumpet in 6th grade band.
He does his best in school, and does anything to please his teachers.
He is kind to everyone, and prays for those that dislike him.
He has a cool sense of humor.
He loves his dog more than anything.
He loves his Xbox & Wii games.
An all-American kid.
My Jayjub. My JT.
Happy Birthday, baby boy! I hope your $95 dinner, and embarassment at the restaurant was fun for you, as much as it was a blast for us!!

Burfday boy eating his ribs!

Only girl eating HER ribs..

Oh, and here's a video of the embarassment at dinner. heh. We're such cool parents.