Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A card... and *gasp* no challenge to enter it in?!

I *must* be crazy then!!

I did a little shopping the other day in Fayetteville. (honestly. that's no small feat as it's 45 minutes away, and the people... well... I needed an excedrine migraine after that!)
and went to Joanns.
All their Cricut carts are on sale this week for $29... and SOMEHOW I managed to walk out with just ONE new cart.
really? I'm so disappointed in myself.

Anyway, I picked up 'Winter Woodland', and I have to say that I am SOOO in love with it.
My mind has gone NUTS thinking about all the cutesy, yummy things I could make, that I'm having sensory overload, and already feeling over-whelmed!

Since I'm done with Halloween teacher gifts, I figured I'd move on to some winter-y, Christmas-y, gift-y, CRAFTY things now.

I love Christmas.
I love the first snowfall, winter-y colors, wrapping gifts, the cold nights where you MUST snuggle... oooh, how I love it!

I'm not terribly big on the traditional red & greens of Christmas, but I still enjoy it!
Actually, I love the teals, pinks, whites, blues & SNOWMEN!
Since we have SOOO many rooms in our house, I am able to decorate each room as *I* want to! The main living room, we do in our traditional red, green, 'old' Christmas decor, and my dining room is blue & white, so that's the 'Winter' room...
Anyway, here is my card from the Winter Woodland Cartridge.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

A few challenges, one card!

I'm starting to find myself challenged on a few different levels.
First off, I love to create, try new techniques, etc... but participating in challenges *IS* a challenge for me.
Kinda like when someone says 'pee in this cup'... well, of COURSE you can't pee in the cup! Cause someone TOLD you to... right?

Yea, that's me and the challenges I do. I love seeing the inspiration projects, or cards that others do, and getting idea from those, but for someone to just say 'do anything with the colors....blah, blah....'

Why do I do that?

Either way, I do enjoy a challenge, and even though I have some sort of 'mental block' over instructions, I still make every point to participate in them cause I like to get the creative ideas flowing, and that gets the kids involved on some levels as well....

This card is going into these challenges:::
Fab 'n' Funky Challenge #95 -- torn/distressed
KB Cute Monday Challenge #31 -- anything goes

I'm battling a bit of carpal tunnel this weekend, and trying hard to work through it..
But here's my card!!
I hope you like it!

...wonder who I could send it to?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Memories Text Wrap Challenge

Over at the My Memories Blog, they have a challenge going on...
Text Wrap!

Honestly, I've played around with this program for a while, and I have NEVER even thought of trying that!
how COOL!

So, I tried it! I'm sure if I didn't have a sick little boy tonight, I could've done more, but this is what I have come up with for now. I plan on doing up more, just because this was a LOT of fun to try!
I love a challenge!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween treat 'bags' for teachers!

Lemme just say that I am CRAZY over these little dudes.

First off, I have to (ok... don't HAVE TO..but I love to!) make treats, and or, goodies for the kids teachers.
I have 4 kids.

4 teachers.
some kids have more than one teacher.
That equals ... um... LOTS of teacher gifties.. (aight. so I'm no good at math..) and I *HAVE* to make my dollar stretch!!!
I made up some of these little fellas, and I even made so many that I sent some to my parents, and a little tin filled thingy for my dad...
THEN (as if that wasnt enough!) I put some organic baby food pouches in a little gift bag, made a cute little topper, and sent it to my wittle nephew, Tyson.

I shoulda got a picture of it. It was SO cute!
Anyway... here they are!

I cut an 8x8 sheet of cardstock in half, put 3 mini candy bars (snickers, 3 musketeers & milky way) in a treat bag, and stapled it all together. Made up some cute embellishments with the dollar section stamps at M's, made a few hundred paper roses, and you have a non-scary, cutesy Halloween treat bag!


cute, right?
ya, i know.

I've gotten a lot of comments/emails on my paper roses.
The best I can tell you is that I learned to make them from a few YouTube videos.
I would *LUBB* to make you a video of how I make mine, But I have NOT been successful in doing so.
If you have any ideas on how I can do a video, please, PLEASE let me know!
But just like scrapbooking, crafting, and handwriting, everyone's technique is a little different from another person.
If you like the roses, please check out some vids on youtube. Give it a shot! At least you can say you've tried!!

(I am actually thinking about doing up some collections of my roses to sell if that would help anyone... yay or nay?)

Speaking of those lil boogers, I took some pics of the roses I've made over the last few days... there are MOUNDS of them.
Wanna see?

And to give you a perspective of how small the smallest ones are...

Yes, I make them this tiny. My little rose 'buds' ...
I hope you enjoyed seeing my little treat bags, and my rose 'garden'.

 I've decided to enter my treat bags in the 'Getting Cricky' challenge this week.