Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Winner, Winner!!!

Got ourselves a winner!!!

**This post**  was all about a scrapbooking software giveaway. I let it go for about a week, and only had one response.

SOoooOOooo..... Congratulations, AMANDA!!!! You are the big weiner... err, WINNER!!!!

here was her comment...

scrappinboysmom said...
OK, well...I like the Oh Boy pack. 'Cux I only have boys and wouldnt know what to do with pink if it slapped me upside the head! I have some questions about digi scrapping for you! When you buy one of the packs can you use the 'elements' (whats the right word here?) more than once? Do you miss paper scrapping? I dont get much time at all to scrap anything. I have to keep it all packed up in my closet so I only pull it out when I have several hours to work on it at a time. Im thinking digi scrapping is something Id like to try out so I can get some more done!

You'll be notified soon on your winnings, and all the details!!! Congrats, lady! Hope you enjoy it!!!


  1. hurray!
    Thank you, Tara!

    I cant wait to play with this...hope you provide on call services for newbies...

  2. You know I will! This will soon be a serious addiction!!


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