Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a SURPRISE!!!

Time has ended to enter the contest for the free software... BUT, the great news is the coupon code is still available for you!! 
If you have any qestions, PLEASE feel free to email me!!!

Imagine my shock & pure EXCITEMENT when My Memories contacted my small, very new, but FUN wittle bloggy blog?!

They asked if I would like to try out their digital scrapbooking software, review it, THEN.... (as if they could possibly do more!!) said they would like to do a giveaway! *OF* said digital program!!
um, WOW!

Now listen, I don't have too many followers, but I'm sure the word could spread like wildfire, and SOMEONE out there can enter right here for this awesome digital scrapbooking software...

First, let's talk about My Memories ... They have a great selection of various digital scrapbook kits. Prices to fit every budget, and even (get this) a FREE (eff arrr eeee eeee) section! FREE folks!

Besides that, they have a VERY easy to learn, user-friendly digital scrapbooking software program that is quite affordable. (And, if you wanting to dab your feet into digi'booking, but didn't want to spend half a paycheck & first born on photoshop... *this* is it!) My Memories Suite2 was a LOT of fun for me to play with...
There is a very small learning curve, and once you get started, trust me; you might wanna have a timer set, or ask the husband to pull the plug at about 4am or so.

I, myself, have Photoshop, and know it OKAY... I also have put together a LOT of movies through windows movie maker, so for me, playing with this program was kinda like taking a step down. BUT, that's OK!!! This is absolutely PUUUURFECT for the beginner & BEYOND!!!

My Memories Suite 2 allows you to make an album of anything... first birthday, summertime fun, winter frolics, etc, and will even let you ADD MUSIC, add your OWN narration, and you can even use your own collected digital scrapbooking kits.
Seriously, the list goes ON. and on....

The software usually sells for $39.97, but if you purchase it now through this post, you can use this code STMMMS62858 to save yourself $10, AND a $10 coupon to use in the MyMemories.com store. Think about it. That's like a FREE $20 just for purchasing the software thru reading this post, on my itty bitty blog!
Lucky YOU!!!

But, here's an ever cooler thing... My Memories asked me to do a giveaway... OF THIS SOFTWARE!! You can actually ENTER to win the ENTIRE program! SO, if you're interested (and, c'mon.. I KNOW you are!) here's what you do...

1. Visit the My Memories website. Take a gander through their kits. Come back here and

2. Leave a comment on this post telling me which kit(s) you like the bestest... YES, bestest! 

3. A number generator will pick a winner at random, and voila! You'll have yourself a new digital scrapbooking program that will include endless possibilities!!

If you want to learn more, here is a video from YouTube ...

As if you needed more of an incentive, here are some of the things I have created using the software.

...And here's some snipits from our Hawaiian Vacation... (i like these!)

See what I mean? See the fun I've had??


  1. OK, well...I like the Oh Boy pack. 'Cux I only have boys and wouldnt know what to do with pink if it slapped me upside the head! I have some questions about digi scrapping for you! When you buy one of the packs can you use the 'elements' (whats the right word here?) more than once? Do you miss paper scrapping? I dont get much time at all to scrap anything. I have to keep it all packed up in my closet so I only pull it out when I have several hours to work on it at a time. Im thinking digi scrapping is something Id like to try out so I can get some more done!

  2. brinkka2011 says: This is just wonderful , i appreciate your blog site and bookmarked it . I concur with a lot of the things you said and im waiting for the new posts . Youre 1 of the very best write-up writers that ive observed recently . I also like the way your blog site seems , are you currently making use of wordpress?


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