Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's fall, and you know what THAT means!!!

... It's FAIR TIME!!!

Gorwing up, I had the BEST memories of heading to the Gwinnett County fair every fall ...
These last few years, the kids were too short to really ride anything fun, so we decided to go this year, and EVERY ONE of them could ride!

So, we headed to the Cumberland County fair in Fayetteville, NC, and had the BEST family time...
We were so excited to share with the kids about all the things we used to ride, the things we did, and the fun we had, and they were ready to 'do this'

Paid up, got in, and got rollin...
things were going GREAT.
... til the Gravitron. 
Ever been on it?
WELL, if you haven't, lemme edumacate yous... heh.
This ride used to be my FAVORITE.... FAV-O- RITTT....
notsomuch now.

I think my first mistake was getting on this thing still fighting this sinus infection. This ride makes your whole body  feel like many pounds of pressure is holding you down, and honestly, makes it hard to breathe...
stoopid. stoopid. stoopid.... STOOPID!
I came off this thing feeling like I could puke, and my sinuses were THROBBBBBING!
pain.ful. was the name of this game...

but, I sucked it up. The kids were having a BLAST, and I didn't want to discourage their confidence...

We did the 'hang ten', and the 'tilt a'whirl' ... and wow, are we old. We are too old to enjoy these shenanigans anymore... seriously.
we came home & the boss man & I had to snack on saltines to calm an upset tummy... sheesh! oh, and tums, and ginger ale.. good golly.

BUT, the oldest conqured some rides I thought he'd NEVER do, and over-came his fear of heights, and rode a lof of things on his own... We were quite proud!

I did manage to grab a few pics & a couple videos of our own fun...
Hope you enjoy them!
... as for me..
well, I'm not watching them again til the pepto has had time to kick in a bit.

The girl & daddy ... in front of them is the oldest and twin A... lil boog is sitting next to me...

The oldest, daddy & the girl on the ferris wheel... boy giving me the Shaka! :o)

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