Friday, August 12, 2011

Birthday COD ..heh.

I love this card!!!

I sometimes find it hard to create something when I 'have' to. Like make something on demand.
The creative process isn't as easy for me...

BUT, I'm learning to work thru that with the big family we have, and there are ALWAYS birthdays!! I think my family is starting to 'expect' the handmade cards from me. I do SO many, and have so many supplies to do them, well, why not just share the love & joy & REALLY start mailing them out?!

So, here it is.
My sister in law, Melissa's, birthday 'COD' ... get it? Cod? fish? heh. in a fish bowl. heh.

Her birthday is on September 11th, and even tho that's a day that we all still mourn on, that's still her day of birth, and I wanna make it happy for her!
Hope you enjoy it! It took me a LOOOONG time to come up with & create, but I love it nonetheless!

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  1. What a cute card!! I love the fish and the sentiment you used for it!! Thanks for joining us this week over at Birthday Sundaes!


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