Friday, August 26, 2011

Looks like it's moooooving time!

Well, after waiting, praying & begging for a change of some sort, we got an answer...
As of now, the Boss Man has orders for Fort Lewis, WA...

major change.

We got what we asked for, right?

Well, From here, its over 2600 miles, and I am dreading each & every one of those miles.
On top of that, looks like we'll have to make that haul in Jaunary.

I am at the point where I am excited about the new move, the new changes, BRAND new state & a new start.
What I am not ready for is the preparation & selling of this house.
I am hoping that since sales & market are BAD out here, that the charm, beauty & historic features of this place gets it sold ... and sold FAST..

If anyone knows more about the area of Fort Lewis, or WA in gereral, PLEASE inform me!!
We're looking at the idea of purchasing another house out there, and already looking in the Olympia area.

i know, i know... buy again!?

Why? Becuse we cannot do base housing again because it's too small & we just dont want to.
Rent? no. to us, its just wasting money.

Buy? um.. yea! We get to make our own decisions about things with the house, and not have to rely on a landlord to deal with issues, or anything like that...
so... we're gonna buy.
PLEASE say a prayer that this place sells quickly, and if anything, we just break even & not under our price.

I'll post more when we know more!!

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