Sunday, August 7, 2011

A double golden birthday!

Mason & Ronnie turned 7, August 7th...a golden birthday!

It is so hard to believe that my little 'babies' are now 7... I know everyone says it, but really; where does the time go?

When I found out I was pregnant with these boogers, the Boss Man said right away 'its twins'... I about dotted his eye.
Since he was adopted, and don't know his family medical history, we decided again, to do all the testing for all sorts of things to make sure things were OK, and baby(ies) were healthy...

We had the triple marker test done. Basically tests for abnormalities... it came back positive. The doctor assured us that it means either one child with spinabifida, or there's multiples.
Of course, being a mother, my heart sank, I panicked, and I was a mess. Boss Man was cool through it all. He kept saying 'I told you there's nothing to worry about... it's twins. TRUST me.'

That was on a Friday. I was 4mo along.

ALL that weekend, there were all sorts of 'signs', and 'things' happening that told me there were TWO. Songs on the radio, cartoons the other 2 boogers would watch on tv... just little things all weekend long.

Then it was Monday morning.
We showed up extra early for our ultrasound, said a prayer, and got the goo on my belly...
The tech just smiled, looked down at me, and said 'I wanna show you why your test came back positive...'
She turned that little screen around, and lookie there... TWO of the cutest little round heads you have EVER seen!

My little fraternal babies were born 5 weeks early, and spent 9 whole days in the NICU. Those were the hardest 9 days in my life.
As early as they were, their weight was AWESOME, and got them out of 'hock' sooner.
Timothy Mason weighed in at 6lbs, 11oz
Ronald Wilson weighed in at 6lbs, 2oz
'sasquatch' babies... heh.

We were SO happy they were so healthy, and didn't have nearly the issues that premie babies typically have.
Since they came home, they have done nothing but thrive, and grow like little boys should!

Since Ronnie was the 'weaker' one of the duo, we always thought he would be the one that struggled with health Poor 'May-May' does.
Mason has serious allergy problems, and luckily only has one food allergy. Mango.
Not so bad, right...well ... Mango is a sweetener in a LOT of things, and it seems to be EVERYWHERE!!! Poor may. Epi pen is our friend. Never had to use it, but we have it!

The only thing Ronnie struggled with was a hyrdocele (sp?!) hernia, that required surgery, and bad choking. Later, like his momma, them tonsils had to come OUT! At least he had his removed while he was a kid. Mine? Yea, 26 years old...

ANYWAY... here are some pics of the twinners, twinadoes, monsters, dynamic duo, etc. through the years.

Happy 7th Birthday my angel face lovies! I am so happy to be your mommy! You two have made our family more complete than you'll ever know.

Still in the NICU...

Ronnie holding daddy's hand before heading the the 'tanning bed' for his jaundice

Ronnie and my mom

Mason heading off to the NICU...

Mason and my dad...

Our first week home...

my sleeping little men...

'Foot prince'

He aint heavy... He's my brother!

daddy man

that smile. totally wins me over....


Mason in daddys helmet... those EYES!!!

giggles like this.... up to no good, im sure...

Dr. Seuss day at school... they were a HIT!

 Aug 7, 2011 ... the big 0-7 ... Happy Birthday, loves!! xoxo

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