Thursday, June 23, 2011

whew! What a DAY!

It has truly been one of 'those' days all week long!

The kids have been unruly, and they're about to have their own listing up on Ebay... (ok, not really, but ANY mother can understand that!)

We've had some doozies of storms come through here the last few days. God knows we NEEDED the rain, but coulda' done without the scary wind, light show & booming thunder! Today, we had TWO major storms come through. Everything is fine, but MAN! I am DONE with storms!

Today, I finally had E-nough of clutter taking over. I realize that we have a big family with 4 kids, but I am SOOO tired of using that as an excuse anymore! So, I decided that it was time. to. change.
I decided that it was time for simple living. The less, the better! It's going to take me a while, but I know it's gonna be SOO worth it!
We have a BIG, OLD house. Big as in 3200 sqft, 5 bedrooms, 10 rooms total. Old, as in it was built in 1856, by a Civil war gunsmith. LOADS of history attached to our place!
BUT, I thought to myself 'self, Boss Man could come down on some orders to move like ANY DAY! We've been stationed here over 4 years... uh, we're not taking all this CRAP with us when we move... AGAIN...' ... and self agreed. So, with the size of our house, I've decided that I can tackle one room a day, weed out, purge, toss & give away at least HALF of what's in a room. EASY. And, that will make things feel less cluttered, less messy & less chores! YAY!
I started with our bedroom & closet today. Can I just say that it took me FIVE hours! I got rid of 5 HUGE black bags of clothes! whoa. And, I can't even TELL you how much trash came out of there! yikes!
But, lemme tell ya that I have never felt SO good about it! It was a hell'a lotta work, but OMG, no more piled up junk, no more debris!! I am SO happy!
I think with the kids pitching in some help here & there, I KNOW I can tackle one room a day.
The only thing now is that my huge front porch looks like a scene from 'Sanford & Son' ... so what. That mess is OUT of my house, and will soon be DONATED!!!
I'm starting to wonder if I'm 'nesting' cause maybe we will get orders soon.

That's OK by me! Less mess to pack up, movers! woot woot!!

I did take some time this morning to come up with a card for the My Craft Spot Challenge #13. If I don't do something creative at least ONCE a day, I'll go nuts. I think that's why I can do a major clean out of this house!
Anyway, the challenge was to so something 'sweet'. I made this card ... Hope you guys will enjoy it! It's simple, but that's my theme today anyway... simple & simple living!
Much love!!


  1. So super sweet!! I love your shaped card and the fun strawberries and flowers you added to the top. I looks almost good enough too eat. Thanks for joining us this week at My Craft Spot.

    Scrapping Mommy

  2. What a yummy card !! Love the shape, the colors and the sweet papers you used for the strawberries ! Thanks for joining us at My Craft Spot this week!

  3. Super cute and yummy card sweetie! Good for you getting rid of some clutter I try to do that every now and again and it just feels so fantastic! Good luck on the rest of your house! :) Hugs x

  4. This is such a pretty card! I love the drippy icing on it - and the strawberries are a wonderful touch!
    I got a good kick out of your eBay comment!
    Thanks so much for playing along with us at My Craft Spot this week!
    Small Bits of Paper

  5. Beautiful-and yummy!-card! And yes, I have had moments of putting a "Free 3 to a good home" sign on my fence quite a few times! :P (Well mostly 2. My 6 mth old can stay a little while longer.) *hee hee* Anyway, sounds like you are where I am when it comes to clutter. My husband isn't in the military but we have moved a lot and somehow accumulated quite a bit of junk! When I clean I am basically moving stuff from one place to another-just to move it back the next day! So I have recently taken up with the same project and you are right-it feels DANG good!!! Anyway, loved your project, thank you for sharing-and very happy I found your blog. :) Take care and good luck!

  6. P.S. Send some of those storms my way-I live way up North! It's been way to hot here which is beginning to wear on my tots. We need rain! (And my husband and I LOVE thunder and lightning storms!)

  7. Gorgeous shape card!! Love strawberries! Thanks for joining the fun at My Craft Spot!


  8. This is one sweet card! Great take on the challenge! Thanks for joining in the fun at My Craft Spot.

  9. That strawberry cake looks scrumptious. Great job!

    Carson's Creations

  10. I have seen so many people using that drippy punch for Halloween, but I love how you used it for this cake!

    Shawn ~ Getting Cricky Design Team Member
    Crafty Chics Blog
    and ~ Find your Cricut images FAST!
    Webmasters Earn Money Here!


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