Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday was *not* a day of rest for me.

I'm just worn out. Like seriously worn out.
Another day, another room cleaned OUT. The dining room was on the agenda for today, and the dining room is happy! I cleaned out the cedar cabinet we kept blankets & jackets in, cleaned out the china cabinet, and the buffet cabinet. 3 bags of trash went out of there, 2 bags of donation & 2 boxes of donation went out as well.
I am so incredibly exhausted, but let me tell ya, it feels AWESOME to get it OUT of my house!!! The less clutter & junk I have to look at, the WAY better! I found myself cleaning up, and moving one pile of mess to another side of the room, and that's not cleaning. That's just moving the mess. ugh. 
I keep waiting for someone to stop & ask if we're moving. heh. 
If we didn't have to have get a freaking PERMIT to have a yard sale, I would totally have one. SOOO, someone will get a huge donation to their store, and I have less stress!!!

Anyway, its about dinner time, and apparently, you have to feed kids daily. Who knew? Didn't I just feed them yesterday!? 

Oh, and today is my parents 41st wedding anniversary! WOW! In today's world, that's almost unheard of! Happy Anniversary, mom & dad! I love you both so much! 

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  1. Beautiful pic of your sweet parents....adorable! Huge congratulations to them! :) Hugs x


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