Friday, July 8, 2011

yikes! been a minute!

Yea. So, life got in the way of posting something!
Let's see... where do I begin?

After my last post about my parents anniversary, the Boss Man & I celebrated our own anniversary. Our 10th!
June 30, 2001 we were wed in a small church in Ga. We had about 70 guests, and his younger brother passed out in the middle of the ceremony. yep, just like you've seen on funniest videos... yes, it happened to us. OH, and the cake crammed into the face? YES, that was us, too. 

In 10 years, we've come a LONG way. For a while there, things were REAL tough, and we both thought that it may not work. But you know what? It wasn't OUR decision to begin with. The Lord above knew what He was doing... and look! We made it to ten years! 
How about these pictures of us back then... such BABIES!!

 Since we were already heading to Tampa for my cousin's wedding, we decided to make a vacation/anniversary getaway for us! We'll be hopping on a cruise ship bound for CocoCay & Nassau..!! wooo weeeee!!! We're stoked!

hmm... what else has gone on...
OH! We have a brand new NIECE!!! Lil Miss 'firecracker' was born on July 3rd. She was 5 weeks early. As of today, the NICU nurses have increased her feedings, and has started putting on more weight. She was 5lbs, 1oz at birth, but needs to gain more before they can get her outta hock.
We have COMPLETELY been in the preemie part of life ourselves. We had 2 early birds born 5 weeks early as well. Only, they were 6 lbs, 2oz, and 6lbs 11oz at birth. They were only in the NICU 9 days, but it was the WORST 9 days of our lives.
So, come on, lil miss! You can get out of there!!! Bulk up, sis! You have LOTS of lovies, cuddles & smooches to come home to!!

Oh yea, the oldest made the All-Stars team!
So, we did the practice thing, got the uniform, traveled out of town, paid our dues, and what happened?
My son was treated BADLY, got to play the absolute MINIMUM times by Dixie Youth rules, and we got beat badly in 2 games, and lost out.
What did we learn from this?

1. The same coach the my son had LAST season was the head coach. Same coach that singled out 3 kids on the team, neglected to ever call us on changes, therefore my son never played.

2. This coach was a complete JOKE.

3. My son was obviously good enough for ALL-STARS, yet this 'coach' never gave him a chance.

4. Coach used profanity on the field, in front of the boys, and AT the boys on the team.

5. I know where some of the boys on the team got the idea to make fun of & CUSS at my child... hence, see #4.

Soooo, needless to say, Parks & Rec out here will hear from me ONCE again about this sorry excuse for a coach.  THEN, I will go above them, and report, file complaints, etc to whomever I have to above parks & rec... AND, Dixie Youth WILL be notified about his poor behavior, documentation of EVERYTHING, oh, and video of his nastiness on the field.
OOOH YES. They will not like me too much.
That's OK tho. I am SO done with this guy. I was sick to my stomach about this guys attitude, and his schmucky'ness toward MY son. (yea, that's the technical term)
Anyway, here are the pics of my oldest boy getting ready for the first game last Friday...

Also, our last game was last Saturday. The final score was 20-3. Ya, we got stomped. BUT, that 3rd run... MY BOY BROUGHT IT IN!!!! Here is the video of him bringing it in, and notice not a SINGLE coach patted him on the back for it, NONE of them said a single 'way to go' or ANYTHING positive to him. NOTHING was said.
Bad coaching. NOT a way to boost up morale!!!

My open letter to Casey Anthony

Dear Casey,
You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You may have the abilty to lie to an entire court room & get them to find you not guilty, but you CANNOT get YOUR MAKER to find you not guilty. You will have your time with Him, and I have a good feeling He'll be sending you to the 'smoking section' for all of your eternity.
You killed your baby girl. You gave her life, and you took it away. You are heartless, cruel, and a murderer. You are a disgusting excuse for a human being. SO many childless families would have given their entire life savings for your baby, had you given her up admitting you just didn't want to be a mother anymore. NO ONE would have judged you, had you just done the right thing.
It's all done now.
Caylee is in a much better place now. She is trotting with angels, and Jesus is holding her close. Jesus gets to hold your baby forever & ever. He gets to see her sweet smile, hear her sweet little songs, and He gets to hear her giggles!
That is the only thing that eases my mind in this. One day, when I die, I too, will get to see her sweet smiles, too. YOU, my dear, will not.
I am going to pray for Caylee tonight, but I'm also going to pray for you. I'm going to pray that you search your heart & ask the Lord for forgiveness.
I pray you beg for it.

Well, that's it.
I've made some comments, gave my opinion, fussed & updated. I'm done for the night.
i think.
I hope to have more to update in the next few days... until then!
much love!

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