Monday, January 16, 2012

T-shirt bag tutorial!!

Oh. My.
I recently came across a few sites of re-purposing clothing.
(I know, nothing 'new'...)

But I found something I thought would be easy enough to try out, and would be perfect for our upcoming DISNEY MAGIC CRUISE!! woot woot!!
oooh yes.
Disney cruise.
in April.
ANNND, my parents are going on said cruise!!! They've never been on one, and I just know it's gonna. be. a. BLAST!!!

ok, ok.... moving on.
T-shirt bag.

sooo stupidly simple, that you HAVE to at least try this one.  (kinda makes me wish I hadn't given away all our old shirts...arg.)

ANYWAY... go grab you some old/new/too small/too big, etc t-shirts.
Here we go...

Random shirts I had to use.. I know, I know... my Hawaii ones. SOMEHOW The Disney Store shirts are incredibly sturdy!!!

Open it up, lay it out flat as possible

Cut under the pit, all the way up. The lower you cut, the bigger the loop is to sling it over your shoulder.

See... like so. Not rocket science.

Then, flip the cut piece over to the other side as a template & cut it!

snip. snip. snip.

hula. hula. Minnie looks so happy! This is what it should look lik so far. With me?

See the 'tagless tag' markings? see??? OK... I don't want that in my 'bag', so I'm gonna cut just below that so no one knows the 'size' of my bag. Personal prefrence.

Fold in half as best as you can, making sure at least the neck hole area matches up...

snip. snip. snip. again.

eeeee! it's coming along!

tank top? nooooo.... cute beach bag! (almost)

Flip it inside-out. Time to sew.

Match up the bottom hem & sew along that line.

Just like so. sew? so. super-duper easy stiching here. Nothing fancy-schmancy.

Here's my stitch line. blue. See? no fancy stuff here.

My finished hula Minnie beachy/pool bag.

See this sad one? yea. This *was* one of my favorites. Sadly, it met it's doom in the dryer with a yellow crayon. And seeing as how I have ONE child that LOOVES 'lellow', I know who the culprit was. But that's OK.... cause it's getting a new life as a beachy/pool bag that's coming along on our cruise!


All my purdy wittle bags!

my husbands uniform stars. cute, no? Well, now it's a super cute bag!!!

A few things I have thought about these are
1. It's totally recycling. (awesome!)
2. EASILY washable!!!!
3. Light enough for kids to 'tote' around.
4. ROOMY enough for a towel, sunscreen, change of clothes, sunglasses, book, mp3 player, wallet, etc.

All these shirts were either a size L or XL. The bigger the shirt, the bigger the bag, obviously. And vise-versa.
It took me about 30 minutes to do up these 5 little bags. Who doesn't love an easy sewing project?

Really. You have to try this one. Lemme know how yours turn out!!

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