Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweet Treats Birthday Card

My awesome grandmother let me load her 'Sweet Treats' Cricut Cartridge onto my Gypsy.
I have wanted that one for SOOOO long!!
...but, I wasn't able to make anything for a while with the holidays coming, sick kids, new year, a sick ME, school, life, household chores, feeding the family, etc...
(did you know you have to feed kids EVERYday? who knew? Apparently, they get hungry every few hours, too!)

I was tired of doing chores, and the 'mom' thing, so I sat & made a card. I finally used the Sewwt Treats cart, and I LOVE IT!
So, here's my birthday cake card...
... and no one to send it to!

...(maybe I'll mail it to myself for my birthday in February!! heehee)

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