Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rainbow Waffles!

I came across *THIS* site not too long ago, and I was in AWE of the ideas there!
WHO has ever heard of making 'cupcake waffles?!
ohh emmmm geee.

oh yes.

cake batter in a waffle iron=one VERY happy husband at midnight... I'm just sayin.
For a quick sweet-toothy snack... these are absolutely PERFECT! And SOOO easy! (ok, am I sounding like an infomercial yet?)

It wasn't so much the cupcake waffles that did it for me, it was the AWESOME, SUPER-DUPER-CUTE rainbow waffles!!!
...with clouds!! (squealing with utter delight!)

SO, if you will take a gander at her pics, (and they are SOO-oo-OOO cute!) I tried to do so...
except that instead of pouring straight from the bowls, I put my colored batter in squirt bottles.

I made up my batter the night before (a HUGE batch!), mixed up 5 different colors, poured them into the bottles, and shoved 'em in the fridge.

This morning was experiment time...
here's how it went down...

All the colored bottles 'ret to go!

 TELL me these aren't cute, and BEGGING to be eaten up?! eee!!

Channeling my inner Bob Ross here.... Happy little rainbows!

I have also dabbled in making rainbow cupcakes... the real kind'a cuppycakes... these weren't as difficult as I thought they'd be! They're a LOT of fun to make, SUPER FUN to eat & reaaalllly moist!
you have to try them!

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