Sunday, December 11, 2011

My first re-purposed furniture project

OK... so this post will have to be done in stages.

I have seen a MESS of projects lately with repurposing pieces of furniture. Lately, I've seen the awesome ones of people taking an old TV entertainment center, and making a kids kitchen playset...
omg, right?
oooh yeahhh.

Here are some links of the ones I'm talking about... PURELY inspiration!!
Inspiration #1
Inspiration #2
Inspiration #3

WELLL.... I've started my own!!!
I went on the hunt for a tv unit for a while... Obviously, didn't want to pay an arm & leg & first born, and it had to be 'taller' for my 9yo & the twin 7yo's to play with
(cause really... I was NOT about to pay $300 for a playset that was gonna be too small, and far too expensive!)

oh, and I need this done by Christmas.

how's that for a challenge?

SO.... after searching, I found a small thrift store about 15min down the road, told the guy exactly what I was on the hunt for, and he had the PERFECT thing for me...
can you believe it?!

So here is our start on this tv unit turned kitchen playset....

My $12 unit...getting ready to be sanded...

The girl helping out

...and the 'runt'

still working hard!

sigh. twin 1 having trouble with his mask

'runt' figured it out...

child labor.


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