Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A card... and *gasp* no challenge to enter it in?!

I *must* be crazy then!!

I did a little shopping the other day in Fayetteville. (honestly. that's no small feat as it's 45 minutes away, and the people... well... I needed an excedrine migraine after that!)
and went to Joanns.
All their Cricut carts are on sale this week for $29... and SOMEHOW I managed to walk out with just ONE new cart.
really? I'm so disappointed in myself.

Anyway, I picked up 'Winter Woodland', and I have to say that I am SOOO in love with it.
My mind has gone NUTS thinking about all the cutesy, yummy things I could make, that I'm having sensory overload, and already feeling over-whelmed!

Since I'm done with Halloween teacher gifts, I figured I'd move on to some winter-y, Christmas-y, gift-y, CRAFTY things now.

I love Christmas.
I love the first snowfall, winter-y colors, wrapping gifts, the cold nights where you MUST snuggle... oooh, how I love it!

I'm not terribly big on the traditional red & greens of Christmas, but I still enjoy it!
Actually, I love the teals, pinks, whites, blues & SNOWMEN!
Since we have SOOO many rooms in our house, I am able to decorate each room as *I* want to! The main living room, we do in our traditional red, green, 'old' Christmas decor, and my dining room is blue & white, so that's the 'Winter' room...
Anyway, here is my card from the Winter Woodland Cartridge.


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