Monday, June 20, 2011

Things I've made

After skimming through MANY blogs, I'm still at a loss on where exactly to start.
I need to find a 'challenge' of sorts to get motivated, and I haven't quite found one. At least, haven't found one that's not already in full swing, and too late for me to enter.
No one really likes the 'new kid'...

Not only that, I see these AWESOMELY cute 'Peachy Keen' facial expression stamps, and I don't have any of those. (sobb!! cry!! *gasp*gasp* ... feel free to mail me off a set or three!)
So, I've decided that I am going to post up some pics today of little projects here & there that I've done, and sold at a local craft shop.

*PLEASE excuse my horrid picture taking. Right now all I have is my Droid to take pics with, and even though sometimes it does well, it's NOT what I've had in mind...

Let's start with my Etsy shop. For a LONG time, my cousin in Florida said I needed to sell my hand made embellishments. I took her advice, started up another Etsy shop, and have about 17 or so items in there, but no sales.
No worries.
If they don't sell, I'm pretty sure my cousin would LOVE to have them!

OK, so I've mentioned I'm crazy over my cricut & Gypsy. I was ooooh so aggravated with my cricut when I first got it. (btw, I have the first, smallest one.) I hated the way it wasted paper, and always told me the 'charachters won't fit', BALONEY! I put it away about a year or so, and finally gave in & got the Gypsy.
What a DIFFERENCE!!! And SO. MUCH. FUN. !!!
So, that's what I do now. Play on Facebook, google image things til I'm blue, and learn more & more what my Gypsy can do!

Miss Hula... I just love her!

Makes you want Ice Cream, right?

seriously. I'm crazy over this one.

Welding things in Gypsy.... *heart*

I can do any beach name here... this was just our favorite in Hawaii

Awh! Sand Castle!
So, that's a little of what's listed in my shop, Aloha Paradise. Please visit! I'm always taking custom orders!

Now, onto things I've made, and taken to a local shop. A lot of these are from inspiration I have found on the intra'webs...
If I could link them back to the original idea blog, I would... and if it WAS your idea I borrowed from, PLEASE let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

Altered Journal

Close-up of paper roses

Paper roses on a gift box lid

Another altered journal with paper roses

Altered Journal

Altered Journal with paper roses & sticky pearls...

Altered journal

by the sea journal

close-up. I loved the 'pearl' ...

Clothes on a line from the paper dolls Cricut Cart...

Wrapped Hershey's chocolates... HUGE hit here!

NUTS over this paper. I found it at Michael's

See why? Oh, that plaid!!  eeee!!

All the yummies.... and paper roses!

just because I loved them SO much...

I think I'll go & work on finding a challenge of some sort... or maybe make my own. Challenge myself.
ooo, I know. Challenge myself to finish the laundry!
that cuts into craft time! sheesh!
So, if you know of any fun challenges going on, PLEASE let me know. I've never done one, and I'm very interested in them! I wish I had more friends into scrapbooking or such so that they could play along... sigh.

Much love!


  1. These paper roses are amazing. I want to learn how to make them!

    Carson's Creations

  2. Thanks for the comments!! The paper roses are ADDICTIVE to make!!! I found a BUNCH of youtube videos & went from there... Good Luck!

  3. Oh my gosh..these are so fabulous...those journals are all the papers and colors and those paper roses are adorable. Lovely to see such wonderfful prjects sweetie :) Hugs x


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