Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to my oldest 'baby'

As if making it to double digits LAST year wasn't bad enough on this momma, this year it's the big 1-1 .... eleven.
Who gives these kids permission to grow so fast?

Jacob Todd Schroeder entered my world on December 29, 2000.
He was welcomed into open arms, and has always been surrounded by people who love him to pieces!

He's overcome many obstacles in his 11 years...
He's an Army Brat
Had to deal with deployments
Being the 'man' of the house
Overcame learning challenges
Prayed for kids in his classes that wished harm on his deployed daddy ...

... the list goes on & on ...

But the one thing he's always been, will FOREVER be, and no one can change... is that he is MINE. My oldest. My rock.

When I need a laugh, somehow he comes through. When I'm sad, he's sad right along with me. When my baby-babies no longer wanna hug their momma, Jacob ALWAYS comes through without fail.
He makes friends WHEREVER he is!
He loves the 'new kids' in his classes.. Helps out without asking (most of the time).. Has a heart of gold.. LOVES his siblings..
and most of all..
cleans up vomit without the gagging reflex & other 'uucck' that his daddy & I don't like to do!

...(I know. gross. But, it's a joke in this house, and he honestly CAN do that, and will make an AWESOME daddy/husband one day because of that *one* trait)...

Happy Birthday, Jacob ... JT!
I love you with my WHOLE heart, you are my first born, my baby boy, my solid ground, my life.

I can't wait to see who you grow up in to, and see what you become!

2nd birthday

Bringing me 'redneck roses'

Paw-Paw painted the jeep!

Pony riding at church

Kindergarten Graduation

Loving on his twin brothers in my belly

'Talking' to ronnie ... I love J's excited open mouth...

all my boys!

Brother & sister... love it!

He's even learned to crochet!

fakey smile... but I love his eyes here!

Shaved his head to honor daddy before his deployment

Rock Band concert before daddy's deployment (shaved heads!)

Biscuit waiting for a bite...

Sharing coconut water in Hawaii ... with a real Samoan!

Inked in Hawaii!

more INK!

"Sand Surfing" on the North Shores Beaches in Hawaii!

Still giggling about it.

Waiting at LAX for our flight to Honolulu!

Over the Pacific Ocean.... 'geeze, mom. Are we there YET?!'

'Remember Pearl Harbor'

Shake a Shaka at the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii

All-Stars! 2011

My boy.

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  1. Well, now that Im all teary eyed I'll just go to bed and cry my eyes out!
    What a wonderful post, Tara!
    Tell him happy birthday from Illinois! :)


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