Wednesday, November 16, 2011

School projects..

Alright, so if you're a friend of mine on FB, you already know that school projects & I don't get along too well..

Not because of the 'project' part of it, per-se... more like what's expected of the student, the materials needed, etc.
for example...

Jacob had to do a state project on Maine.
He was to find all the basics of Maine... size of it, capital, state flag, state seal, state bird, flower, etc....
ok. easy enough.

Then he had to get a POSTCARD from the state, a BROCHURE from the state, copies of historical documents, PICTURES of famous people from Maine & EXPLAIN WHY they're important....
SO many technical things that, to me, weren't really necessary for this project.

... for a 5th grader.
sheesh. really?

I mean, I'm sure Maine has a lot of wonderful features, lots of beautiful sights, etc... but what awesome, super-duper, fantabulous, jaw-dropping things have happened in MAINE to research that this kid could write in his OWN words??
Hawaii...? c'mon! Pearl Harbor!!!!
Give the kid Hawaii!!!
nooo... that awesome place was givien to a rotten girl that didn't even WANT Hawaii... the land of sunshine & aloha! what--?!?
JT learned disappointment yet again.
BUT, we moved on, did the project the best we could & got thru it...

...and did it all in a CLEAR $4 folder that was REQUIRED, or he was docked 8 points. ... because you know, the FOLDER was the most important part.

BUUUTTT, all my complaining about it lead to one good thing.
I had to make a 'treat' from that state & share with the class! ooohhh, heyyyy!
Google was my friend.
Google & I found an awesome recipe for Maine Pumpkin bread.

helllooooo, love.

So, I got the ingredients together, found it was a LOT of batter. Um, this recipe makes THREE loaves of bread!!
o, thats ok. me likey 'punkin bread.

SO, I have decided to share my found recipe with you.
please-i beg you- TRY this.
It is SO moist, and SO yummy!

I brought 2 of the loaves to the class thinking we wouldn't really eat it here, but I'm kinda regretting that bad, bad thought.

Jacob said EVERYONE loved the bread, the teacher asked for a copy of the recipe & kids were crowding him at lunch for MORE!!!
ok, so if a bunch of rotten elementary school kids were begging for MORE, this must be good!
...and kids can be picky about pumpkin!

Here it is. I know. You're excited like I am, right?
Maine Pumpkin Bread

You'll be thanking me. I know it.

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